StrategyWise is a global provider of data analytics and business intelligence solutions.

We help companies and governmental entities create value by capturing, analyzing, and applying data insights to drive policy formation, business process improvement, and game-changing innovations.



Economic Development

Economic development groups across the world work hard to recruit businesses to their region. StrategyWise identifies where opportunities exist, maximizing return on limited resources.

Marketing Strategy and Execution

We offer a full suite of marketing services, from design and printing to list creation and distribution. Turn to us to augment existing marketing efforts or even serve as an extension of your marketing team.

Cluster Analysis and Market Segmentation

At StrategyWise, we know that all customers are not created equal. At the heart of our marketing services, we help you fully understand your customers’ demographics, purchasing patterns, and media consumption.

Corporate Strategy

Our advisory team goes beyond traditional consulting – we use a data-driven approach to help you identify your core competencies and chart a path forward. Rely on us to help you increase revenues, lower expenses, and improve customer satisfaction.

Custom Analytics Projects

From implementing customer loyalty programs to revamping your existing customer databases, we can help you use the data available to your company to open a world of new opportunities.

Foundations and Non-Profits

We help non-profits and foundations use a strategic, data-driven approach to maximizing community impact. Don’t spend another minute wondering how your dollars are impacting your region – Let us help you create a scorecard to map outcomes and ripple effects.

StrategyWise doesn’t simply run ads. This firm develops the strategic foundation that clients need to protect the validity and impact of their marketing investments. And what lies at the core of this strategy? Solid analytics.