Maximizing customer acquisition and retention is the goal of your marketing campaign. But, your campaign is only as effective as the data from which it’s sourced.  Quality statistics like the number of adults and children in a household, age, gender and net worth are what you need to define your market, and effectively target it.  Equally critical is accurate contact information, for what good is your message if it never reaches the customer?  Having well cataloged, error-free data gives you the marketer the power to quickly identify prospects and maximize your reach to them.

A comprehensive database of over 144 million households and 213 million individuals designed to help you target prospective consumers across hundreds of demographics.  Homeowner or renter, buying behavior, health, individual interests, and a range of economic activities we’ve gathered will help you deliver the hardest hitting marketing campaign for your company’s niche.

It starts with a list of more than a billion names and addresses we’ve sourced from a myriad of high fidelity outlets like public real estate information, catalog purchase data, consumer surveys, registrations, telephone directories, and more.  Our team then sorts, categorizes, and eliminates duplicate records from the data leaving only the most prime of prospects.

  • Provides you the most accurate prospect names and addresses in the industry.
  • Gives you the insight you need to craft meaningful messages for your consumers.
  • Refines data for maximum productivity, reducing your direct marketing costs and maximizing ROI.
  • Clients experience an average ROI increase of 6-10%.
  • We exceed our competitors’ consumer data by as much as 10% in quality and deliverability.
  • Our records rank an industry high of 95.4% in marketability, with only 0.3% file duplication.

With over 213 million records and counting, StrategyWise’s Consumer Data is nearly the size of the U.S.’s entire 18 to 80-year-old demographic, and always expanding.  We’ll help you distill this information into actionable data, so you can reach the consumers who are interested in your product when they need it most.